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Warehousing Solutions

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Let us help you simplify your supply chain and reduce your storage cost.

Here come the story : 

Warehousing is an important piece of your retail supply chain. While it’s not the sexiest of subjects, warehousing and inventory storage affect everything from sourcing raw materials and efficiently managing inventory to getting orders delivered to customers on time.

Though the principles of warehousing have not changed much over the years, warehousing solutions have evolved a lot.

With new technologies, urbanization and the ever-growing world of online shopping, warehousing has never been a hotter topic — so much so that there has even been a shortage of warehouse space and on-demand warehousing popping up.

Warehousing is the process of storing physical goods or inventory in a warehouse or storage facility before
they are sold or distributed. Warehouses safely and securely store and protect products in an organized way, making it easy to track an item’s location, when the items arrived, how long the item has been there and the quantity on hand.

For a small or new business, warehousing their inventory may be done from home until they outgrow the space. At that point, the business will have to rent storage space, lease a warehouse or outsource logistics to a third-party and store inventory in their warehousing facilities.

In ecommerce warehousing, products are stored until an order is placed online, which triggers  the order to be shipped directly to the consumer from the warehouse facility. In retail stores, inventory may be temporarily stored in a warehouse before it’s shipped to a brick and mortar store.

Transportation Solutions

Our innovative transportation solutions help our clients reach the extra miles in their business journey.

We build professional service channels and maintenance networks across Malaysia and strengthen our corporate brand in the industry. We always go the extra miles for our clients, even when others have stopped.

Full Range of vehicle to match your needs :

a) Motorcycle

b) Car

c) 4×4 Pick Up

d) Panel Van 7-ft

e) Panel Large Van 9-ft

f) Small Lorry 10-ft

g) Medium Lorry 14-ft

h) Large Lorry 17-ft

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