Corporate Profile


Aufi Group Of Companies is an organization with a vision and full focus on manufacturing and distributing food and beverages that comply with standards and requirements to ensure continuous customer satisfaction through delicious, fast and affordable halal products with first-class customer service. To realize business objectives, AUFI Group is now a step forward to meet the current needs and requirements of the standard, the impact results in major changes in business, direction and dynamic growth and innovation. The establishment of subsidiaries as listed played an important role in launching the overall business organization of Aufi Group and is now a superior diversified business group that meets the needs of existing industry players.


The Group is a diversified entity engaged in the following core businesses:


1. Manufacturing & processing of Halal Food and Beverage Products.


2. Consumer activities supplies and distributes basic and daily needs wholesale or retail.


3. Seafood Farming & Commodity Farming.


4. F&B Supply and Service Activities.


5. Academy provides learning and skills as well as a competent workforce to fulfill requirement industry.


6. Distribution and warehouse services.


7. Environmental service and maintenance activities.


8. Event management, providing printed materials, technology services & marketing digital.


9. Producer and distributor of natural mineral resources.


10. Development and upgrading of the Community Economy.

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