Corporate Profile


The Aufigroup of companies’s history dates back to decades ago when our founders, acquired a major controlling and businesses model of the halal industries and its market.

The impact resulted in a major change in the businesses, direction and the dynamic growth of a diversified conglomerate under the flagship of islamic point of view.  A few years later, with the fresh ideas and energy, a major restructuring been done.  Aufigroup now are superior and shariah compliant diverse business group.

This group is a diversified entity engaged in the following core businesses : –

1. Halal Products Manufacturing
2. F&B Services Provider

3. Seafood Farming & Commodity Plantation
4. Warehousing Solutions

5. Academy & Industrial Training Provider

6. Packaging Solution

7. Community Economic Development

8. Consumer Marketing  & Retail Industries

9. Hotels, Resorts, Vacation Timeshare & Recreation Development

10. Environmental Services and Clean Technology
11. Transportation Solutions

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