Manufacturing & processing of Halal Food and Beverage Products

A Food and beverages manufacturer that ensures continuous customer satisfaction through HALAL products that are delicious, quick, and affordable with first-class customer service.

Malaysia as a culturally diverse ‘home’, it enriched by people from many races, backgrounds and traditions. This guide provides information about foods acceptable to the Muslim community.

Muslims around the world practice the religion of Islam. The practice of Islam includes observing dietary laws which come from Islamic teachings. Islamic dietary laws define foods that are Halal, meaning lawful or permitted. Muslims avoid food and beverages that are Haram, meaning not permitted.

Increased awareness of culturally acceptable foods improves our ability to meet the needs of a diverse society. It is important to take into consideration each individual’s perspective onhis/her cultural and religious practice.

The information provided in this guide will assist you when planning and serving meals, snacks or refreshments for the Muslim community. We the group, are one of the Jakim’s Halal Certification holder with huge amounts of SKUs, up to 1,200 SKUs. This are our focus to archive the vision and mission.

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